De-plugging common plumbing myths

It is often the case that customers don’t get their plumbing issues solved because of plumbing myths, however when it comes to myths we have the facts to help you out.


MYTH: My plumbing doesn’t need regular maintenance

FACT: Plumbing fixtures definitely need regular maintenance, pipes and drainage make up a large proportion of homes, so making sure toilets, sinks, showers and other plumber fixtures are working well is key to limiting clogs, and locating leaks. Checking these fixtures regularly will save you on expensive repairs in the long run.


MYTH: My running toilet can wait

FACT: This is one of our most commonly heard myths, as many people don’t see the urgency of attending to a running toilet. However, leaving a running toilet can result in thousands of litres in water wasted, and a much higher water bill for your home or business. It’s important to repair a running toilet as soon as its noticed, in some cases it can be a sign of a plumbing issue elsewhere, so it’s always best to get it checked.


MYTH: My pipes aren’t clogged if there is still water going down the drain

FACT: A clogged pipe is dependent on the speed the water goes down the drain, if your drain is slow to clear, it may be clogged, or on its way to becoming completely blocked. Fixing it at this stage will save you time and money, as opposed to leaving it until its completely clogged where the damage is significant.


MYTH: Any soap can be used to clean my plumbing fixtures

FACT: This is a common mistake in households, but its best to avoid dish soap when it comes to cleaning plumbing fixtures like sinks, it is essential to ensure you have the write products. Using dish soap or alternative cleaners not suited to the plumbing fixture can cause corrosion and damage. If you’re unsure its best to ask the professionals which product is best to use.


MYTH: Most plumbing jobs can be done yourself

FACT: Whilst some plumbing jobs can be easily solved yourself, it’s always best if you’re unsure to give the professional a call. In some cases, more damage can be caused by attempting a DIY instead of calling a plumber from the get go. Plumbing is more complex than some people think, especially when it comes to bigger jobs like hot water installation, and gas fitting.


When it comes to plumbing, if you’re unsure it’s always best to give us a call on 0413 327 408, you’ll speak to a qualified plumber straight away to ensure a resolution to your plumbing problem.