How to Reduce Water Consumption: tips that could save you thousands

With the price of living increasing it’s always good to save an extra dollar here and there, and although water restrictions have reduced across Australia, limiting water usage could save your home or business thousands in litres of water wasted, and reduce your water bill. Before you act on these tips, why not take the test to see how water efficient your home or business is? Sydney Water has an efficiency test for homes, and a benchmark for businesses to see how they stack up against similar businesses when it comes to water usage.

Here are our tips on reducing water consumption:

Change your water using habits

The little things add up; by simply brushing your teeth without the tap running, taking shorter showers or washing up dishes in a plugged sink you could be saving thousands of litres of water each year, reducing your water bill and doing your bit for the environment. In a business sometimes changing the water usage habits of your staff can be a bit of a challenge, so why not provide incentives to those that do. Include water saving procedure during an employee’s training or induction, and communicate regularly with employees through emails or signage about your company’s water usage policies.    

Fix your leaks

It’s an easy thing to say but the number of people who leave leaks in their home unattended is very high, but they are wasting thousands of litres of water each year in doing so. Sydney Water research shows that one leaking tap can waste up to 2000L of water each month. As well as leaking taps, looking for any leaking pipes around or in your home, they tend to pop up near the washing machine, dishwasher, under flooring or near the hot water heater. Fixing pipes as soon as possible will save thousands of litres in wasted water, and prevent any damage to your home or business.

Update to water efficient appliances

With plumbing technology improving every year, new models of shower heads, toilets and taps are being developed with water saving and energy efficient features built in. In some cases, these appliances are more expensive to begin with, but they will save you money and limit water wastage in the long run. Instead of installing a whole new tap, you can add a flow regulating aerator to your current tap to improve it’s water efficiency.

Water tanks

Having a water tank isn’t plausible for every home or business, but they can save you thousands of litres in water every year, that can be used elsewhere in your home, garden or business. Sydney Water research states that “a properly installed rainwater tank can save up to 40% of your water drinking supply” adding up to about 96,000L every year.

We hope that these tips have been helpful in limiting your home or business’ water consumption, saving you thousands of litres in water, every year. Just be sure to get to those leaks before they cause any damage, call 0413 327 408 or send us an email to see how we can help!