Common Causes of Blocked Drains

Of all the issues we get called out to for plumbing jobs, blocked drains would have to be up there with the most common. Blocked drains are a major hassle for any household; bad smelling and a build-up of bacteria, are just two of the inconveniences. Generally, everyone will experience a blocked drain at least once in their life, but what’s important is to understand how it happens.

There can be many causes of a blocked drain, but when we know the reason we can assure it is prevented in the future.  Here are the 5 causes of household blocked drains:

  1. Grease and food scraps

How often do you put food and oil down the kitchen without thinking anything of it? Well, I can assure you, you’re not alone! It is a major cause of blocked drains in households but can be very easily prevented. Grease and food scraps build up in the sink, and over time start to make a barrier that prevents any liquid from going down the drain. Instead of putting food scraps down the sink, why not start a compost? And, instead of putting grease and oil down the sink, put them in a container once finished with and then dispose of with the rest of the garbage.

  1. Hair

We all know about the build-up of hair in the drain, and as unpleasant as it can be to touch, it’s much easier fixing it as soon as you notice it. If left unattended a build-up of hair in the drain can also cause a blocked drain. Our best tip is as soon as you see the hair, do something about it.

  1. Poor installation

Whilst doing a DIY installation of pipes, or calling an unusually cheap plumbing can be a quick and cost-effective fix, it can often cause more damage in the long term. Poor installation can cause issues with water flow, and cause drain blockage down the track. It’s always best to call in a trusted professional and licensed plumber, as they are the experts when it comes to laying pipes.

  1. Roots, leaves and debris

Debris from leaves and trees are another cause of drain blockages for many households. Maintaining your garden, is as good for it to look great as it is for your water pipes, so ensuring drains are clear of fallen leaves or shrubbery is essential to preventing blocked drains. As well as this tree roots can also cause similar issues. When tree roots are thirsty, they always seek out the closest water source underground, which, in most households is the pipes.  So ensuring your garden is watered or has access to water that doesn’t come from your underground pipes, is essential.

  1. Foreign objects

Foreign objects are anything that gets put down the drain, that really shouldn’t be there. You’d be surprised how many kids toys we’ve found are the culprits of causing a blocked drain. Is important to be cautious of what’s going down your pipes, whether that’s your son’s toy train or baby wipes, inform yourself on what can and can’t be flushed.

The most important thing to remember is to be aware, and know how to prevent these common causes of blocked drains.

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